A Bee-bliography



Thanks to Kim Lehman for permission to use this bibliography which she created.


Fleming, Denise. In the Tall, Tall Grass. Holt, 1991. Rhyming text presents a toddler's view of creatures found in the grass, such as bees, ants, and moles.

Lobel, Arnold. The Rose in My Garden. Greenwillow Books, 1984. A variety of flowers grow near the hollyhocks giving shade to the bee who sleeps on the only rose in the garden.

Ernst, Lise Campbell. A Colorful Adventure of the Bee. Lothrop, Lee and Shepard, 1986. A bee leaves its hive, passing many colors on its route before returning home.


Butterworth, Christine. Bees. Silver Burdett Press. Discusses the behavior and characteristics of honeybees and describes how they make honey. Excellent photos.

Carle, Eric. The Honeybee and the Robber. Scholastic Inc., 1981. This pop-up book tells a delightful story about bees while interspersing facts along the way. Comment: The bear in this story is robbing the honey; while in real life, bears are more interested in eating the brood, the growing larvae.

Harrison, Virginia. The World of Honeybee. G. Stevens Children's Books, 1989. Describes the appearance, life cycle, social order, and activities of honeybees that live in the meadow. Photographs by Oxford Scientific Films.

Hogan, Paula. The Life Cycle of the Honeybee. Raintree Children's Books, 1979. Describes in simple terms the life cycle of the honeybee.

Lecht, Jane. Honeybees. National Geographic Society, 1973. Describes the roles of the types of bees, their activities in the hive, and their many uses to man. Large photographs.

Oxford Scientific Films; photos by David Thompson. Bees and Honey. Putnam, 1977. Text and photographs introduce the inhabitants of and activities within a beehive. Beautiful, simple photos makes this book an excellent teaching tool.

Polacco, Patricia. The Bee Tree. Philomel Books, 1993. To teach his daughter the value of books, a father leads a growing crowd in search of the tree where the bees keep all their honey.

Thompson, Mary. Gran's Bees. Milbrook Press, 1996. On a visit to her grandmother's farm, Jessie discovers the secrets of beekeeping that will allow her to carry on her grandmother's work.

Turner, Ann Warren. Apple Valley Year. Maxwell Macmillan International, 1993. The Clark family goes through all four seasons at their apple orchard, pruning dead branches at the end of winter, carrying the beehives among the trees in may, propping up branches heavy with summer fruit, and harvesting the apples in the fall.


Davis, Kathleen and Dave Meyers. Killer Bees. Maxwell Macmillan International, 1993. Describes the origin, characteristics, behavior, and dangerous aspects of the hybrid honeybee which has been moving north from Brazil for nearly thirty years and has now entered Texas. One of the best books on Africanized honeybees for children.

O'Toole, Christopher. The Honeybee in the Meadow. G. Stevens Pub., 1990. Describes the appearance, life cycle, social order, and activities of honeybees that live in the meadow. Beautiful photos by Oxford Scientific Films.